Life, and All That

Its been quite a while since I posted. There are many reasons for that, the most important one being Life. I have been much too busy to take the time to properly write posts, and sometimes too busy even to do more than the regular site maintenance.

I was busy creating my own personal website, which not only included constructing it and setting up the WordPress plugins, but also writing the plugins to perform the functions for which the available plugins were inadequate if not entirely non-existent. I was busy writing publishing fiction, of which more is mentioned on my website. I was also working, part time but at least working. And finally, I was busy with family matters. All of these things are still ongoing and will continue in the foreseeable future.

However, I have the time and the impetus to do at least some posting at this time. I decided to give myself a tablet computer for my birthday, in large part as a bribe and encouragement to go over to the local exercise place on a regular basis: there I would be able to watch videos of my own choosing instead of the advertising-laden and ‑distracting television. This also allowed me the ability to download and read digital books, so I scoured the Gutenberg library for books on hypnosis and mesmerism and loaded them into the tablet. I already read some and I plan on posting about them in the near future.

There will be other posts, other material that I encountered over the past year that will be subjects for new postings. Stay tuned!

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