New Year’s Resolution Scorecard — Week 05

This month, being February, is Romance Month. I’ve got several romance novels and short stories to blog about, some of which I’ve never read.

Reading: As might be expected, I’ve never read most of the romance novels in the collection, but of those I have read, I found them easy reads, so I am trying to get a couple of them read this week so I can start writing about them. I already finished one, but it was a slight disappointment, as the only entrancement involved was the age-old power that a beautiful woman has over the man obviously meant to be hers. The one I am reading at the time I am writing this is definitely relevant, as the female protagonist is a hypnotherapist who is treating the male protagonist.

I’ve also discovered I have only about a dozen romance books in the collection, plus two short story collections, ranging from the traditional Harlequin romance ‘quickie’ novels and their competitors to the massive, complex bestseller books. There are almost certainly more out there, what with the resurgence of the vampire romance books: maybe by this time next year I will have a whole new set of books to blog about.

Writing: On and off writing for the first blog entry for March, which is turning out to be three or four times longer than most of my usual posts. I guess that’s what happens when I start writing about a comics character that was first introduced in 1966 (45 years ago): although the number of actual appearances is actually quite small, thankfully, because the appearances are complicated to explain properly.

Research: I discovered a book of definite interest: “Incognito: the Secret Lives of the Brain” by David Eagleman. He is a neuroscientist and wrote this book about the depths of the unconscious mind, some of which appears to correspond with some of the things I’ve been working out regarding how the mind and brain co-exist and coöperate, particularly in regards to the state of hypnosis and how to induce it. I am reserving a copy at the local library although I may want to get a copy for myself in the future.

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