Never Mess With Layla Delacroix’ — Eerie Cuties

I’ve mentioned “Eerie Cuties” in the past, but this one page is worth repeating the mention.

The backstory of the page is that Chloe the Succubus ‘borrowed’ something from her mother which increased her succubus powers. As a result, she addicted Layla Delacroix, a vampire, to her blood and used her connection with Layla’s boyfriend Dio to have dinner with him as part of some serious succubus foreplay. However, during dinner, she made an absolute pig of herself, finishing with pouring chocolate fondue all over herself.

And the ‘scrub brush’ is actually an obnoxious doll possessed with the spirit of a total pervert, who relishes any situation where ‘he’ can get close to (one of) the objects of his desires. Suffice to say, Layla is quite satisfied in her revenge.

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