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The Hypnotizer” — Sims 3

For a performance that is mesmerizing both on stage and off, the audience will be captivated (and controlled) when your Sim steps into the spotlight with The Hypnotizer, and full collection of the Show Stopping Styles! With the Seeing Stars Set, in no time at all, your Sims will be seeing stars!

Why is it that the online games get all the goodies? The online game / social event network Sims3 is now offering a most interesting item as part of its Seeing Stars Premium Content items: the Hypnotizer! With the power of the Hypnotizer at your command, you can make yourself or other Sims3 characters “strut, pout and put it out” as they can be commanded to flex their muscles, jam on the an air guitar and act like a chicken. Just have them stare into the pretty spiral and let the fun begin!

All of these hypnotic effects can be yours for modest price.

Update: I just found the following promotional video about the Hypnotizer!

[youtube vBB2-U91kIo]

Beguiler of Wills’ — Magic: the Gathering

Just as it seems every comedy or drama (television, movies, radio, etc.) eventually adds some form of mind control as a comedic or dramatic element, every game system or supplement will also eventually add some kind of hypnotic or mind control mechanic or function to the rule systems.

The latest expansion set from Magic: the Gathering, Innistrad (or Dark Ascension, both seem interchangeable on the website), is a dark world with vampires, werewolves and dark magicians.

Innistrad is a plane of menace and dread where every creature hides a darker aspect. Here, hedonistic vampires stalk the shadows to quench their thirst, and the full moon can transform a simple villager into a savage werewolf. Best to huddle inside, Planeswalker, lest the horrors of this world rend you limb from limb.

Said horrors should include the obvious application of vampire mind control, however, at least in the card released above, a different hypnotic paradigm is used, that of the beguiling enchantress. It appears to be the only such card in this release: Magic: the Gathering has a host of other cards with hypnotic themes or effects, but this particular one is especially notable for the sensual imagery included with the general theme.

A Holiday Treat — The (Physical) Hypnosis in Media Collection

As a special Holiday present, I present the (physical) Hypnosis in Media collection in its semi-entirety.

The bookshelf unit here holds the main part of the Collection. As you can see, it is divided in half, with the left half holding figures and artwork behind the glass doors, larger books and folders below, and the doors below holding the media elements that don’t fit anywhere else. The right half holds most of the fiction and nonfiction books. As you can see, the bookcase is by no means large enough to hold everything, as there are parts of the collection on the floor before it.

This is the upper part of the left half, which has the figures and artwork. On the upper shelf you can see the two figures from the Silent Screams figure line, from the movie “The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari” on the top, along with the Princess Ariel figure, and smaller toys with hypnotic themes in the middle. At the back of the lower shelf as a animation cel of Hypnotia from the “Iron Man” animated series, several dozen HeroClix figures in the lower left and my latest acquisition, the Ringmaster mini-bust, in the center. The boxes on the right contain a number of stereotypical hypnotic foci, including several crystals and even a couple of hypno-disks. The HeroClix figures are a large but not complete of all of the characters with hypnotic or mind control abilities, including Professor X, Saturn Girl, Super-Gorilla Grodd, the Puppet Master, the Mad Hatter, etc.

The folders and notebooks on the shelves below the  glass doors consists of the results of research projects carried out in the past, including the material behind the search for ‘Secrets of the Sleep Merchants’ detailed elsewhere, a set of publicity photographs of Pat Collins and details of her life, comic strip and book collections and reference materials, smaller magazines and pamphlets that might get damaged if put elsewhere, the two records released by Pat Collins, as well as anything that doesn’t fit in anywhere else.

The fiction part comprises roughly 200 pieces, including several collections, double-stacked on the first two shelves and in front of the non-fiction stacks on the third shelf.  The non-fiction section also contains roughly about 200 books, not including the various pamphlets and booklets that are in another bookshelf. These books are strictly hypnosis related: there is a separate section for media references, such as indices and reference books on various TV series, movies, etc.

This is by no means the complete collection: there is a storage case with several dozen video tapes elsewhere that I am slowing digitizing and converting to DVD format, along with the comics collection stored in the garage, as well as the regular fiction collection that takes up most of another bedroom / library. All in all, I estimate I have somewhere in the range of 500 — 600 books, over 250 comics and dozens of magazines and papers in the collection proper and maybe another couple hundred books and I can’t even guess how many comics elsewhere.

GuildWars 2 — The Return of the Mesmer Profession

GuildWars 2, the follow-up to the popular MMORPG GuildWars, in development now for several months, has been slowly divulging elements of the game. Over that time, the developers disclosed seven of the eight professions in the core game, leaving the fans to wonder about the last and whether it would be the popular Mesmer profession. To give some justification for that premise, it was disclosed that one of the characters in one of the published GW2 novels was a mesmer. Well, now the suspense is over. The eighth and final profession available for characters has been announced and it is (cue the drum roll) indeed the Mesmer.

However, the Mesmer in GW2 is a far cry from the dominating profession it is in GW. The Mesmer in GW2 is a spellcaster that operates primarily as an illusionist, with some additional abilities tied to the establishment and manipulation of their illusions. I’m not sure I quite care for this take, because, while illusions are a part of what a Mesmer can do, they weren’t the major part of the GW skill set. (I much preferred using the Dominate skills as opposed to the Illusion or Inspiration skills.) I do like that the Mesmers are able to use pistols as a weapon, however: it gives them a definite rogue-ish feel to them.

Now,  given that the new game system is highly dependent on character placement on the battlefield, I was suspecting the Mesmer would be more of a commander type, aiding the other characters through inspiration magic, perhaps being a combination of the Mesmer and the Paragon professions from GW. However, at least this incarnation allows a Mesmer to stand on their own without requiring them to always need a group around them to operate effectively.

GenCon Findings — 2011

This past weekend I attended GenCon, the major gaming convention in the US. As usual, I am looking for interesting and unusual roleplaying games, especially ones that have elements of hypnosis or mind control as part of the character designs or in the opposition. This year, I found three such games.

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