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Enchantress — Diablo III

The “Dia­blo III” game is one of the most antic­i­pat­ed com­put­er games of the recent past. Fif­teen years after the orig­i­nal game, and lat­er, its even­tu­al sequel, Dia­blo III is now in the hands of eager gamers across the world.

And one of the things they will find in this edi­tion of the game is the avail­abil­i­ty of fol­low­ers: hench­men, so to speak, and one of them is an enchantress named Eire­na. An enchantress that is ful­ly capa­ble of hyp­not­ic magic.

Eirena’s bewitch­ing spells mean doom for your foes – she can force them into a dream­like trance or turn them against one anoth­er, ren­der­ing them eas­i­er to kill.

Eire­na offers ranged sup­port, large­ly spells … to dis­ori­ent her ene­mies and pro­tect her allies. Her illu­sion­ary mag­ic doesn’t deal a tremen­dous amount of dam­age; instead, it focus­es on twist­ing and warp­ing the minds of others.

More­over, her mag­i­cal equip­ment car­ries over the hyp­not­ic imagery

Eirena’s unique equip­ment – enchant­ment focus­es asso­ci­at­ed with scry­ing and hyp­no­tism, like eyes and mir­rors – recalls the ancient mys­ti­cism of her order, pro­vid­ing her with potent increas­es to her abilities.

While I played Dia­blo and Dia­blo II, I am now firm­ly ensconced in play­ing Guild­Wars where I can actu­al­ly play a char­ac­ter pro­fes­sion that casts hyp­not­ic mag­ic (and also have one as a fol­low­er.) How­ev­er, I may give Dia­blo III a sec­ond look.

More infor­ma­tion on the Enchantress and the game of Dia­blo III in gen­er­al can be found here.

‘Beguiler of Wills’ — Magic: the Gathering

Just as it seems every com­e­dy or dra­ma (tele­vi­sion, movies, radio, etc.) even­tu­al­ly adds some form of mind con­trol as a comedic or dra­mat­ic ele­ment, every game sys­tem or sup­ple­ment will also even­tu­al­ly add some kind of hyp­not­ic or mind con­trol mechan­ic or func­tion to the rule systems.

The lat­est expan­sion set from Mag­ic: the Gath­er­ing, Innistrad (or Dark Ascen­sion, both seem inter­change­able on the web­site), is a dark world with vam­pires, were­wolves and dark magicians.

Innistrad is a plane of men­ace and dread where every crea­ture hides a dark­er aspect. Here, hedo­nis­tic vam­pires stalk the shad­ows to quench their thirst, and the full moon can trans­form a sim­ple vil­lager into a sav­age were­wolf. Best to hud­dle inside, Planeswalk­er, lest the hor­rors of this world rend you limb from limb.

Said hor­rors should include the obvi­ous appli­ca­tion of vam­pire mind con­trol, how­ev­er, at least in the card released above, a dif­fer­ent hyp­not­ic par­a­digm is used, that of the beguil­ing enchantress. It appears to be the only such card in this release: Mag­ic: the Gath­er­ing has a host of oth­er cards with hyp­not­ic themes or effects, but this par­tic­u­lar one is espe­cial­ly notable for the sen­su­al imagery includ­ed with the gen­er­al theme.

“Castle of Deception” by Ed Fitch

[amtap book:isbn=0875422314]

Tanithia, sor­cer­ess, witch, keep­er of the Ancient Ways, is sent to scourge the ancient forces of dark­ness who have a foothold in a dis­tant cas­tle. But not all is at is seems inside the cas­tle, and dan­gers await her with­in and with­out its walls.

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