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Its … Hoopnotic!

It goes around and around and around, like a hyp­not­ic spi­ral. Its the hula hoop, the 50+ year old chil­dren’s toy that is now the lat­est craze. And one per­son now has a hyp­not­i­cal­ly-iin­spired name for her prod­uct to catch that market.

I found out about this bit of hyp­not­ic word-play through an arti­cle in Forbes online. Its the newest fit­ness craze, weight­ed hula hoops, and was the idea of Gabriel­la Red­ding, CEO of Hoop­not­i­ca. Accord­ing to her, she lost 55 lbs using a weight­ed hula hoop and start­ed her own com­pa­ny sev­en years to mar­ket them. Now, with the increased celebri­ty fac­tor of hula hoops (every­one from Michelle Oba­ma and Bey­once to Ellen Degeneres and Liv Tyler are hula hoop­ing) plus the increased atten­tion to fit­ness, her busi­ness has bro­ken the $1 mil­lion sales mark. And she has plans to ride the cur­rent pop­u­lar­i­ty wave into the mass mar­kets as well as plan­ning to sur­vive the expect­ed change when the celebri­ties shift their atten­tion and the hula hoop los­es its novelty.

Com­men­tary: You find plays on the word ‘hyp­not­ic’ in the strangest places, from the names of cos­met­ics and per­fumes to imagery in adver­tise­ments but this one is one of the strangest yet pos­si­bly (because of the descrip­tion at the start of this post) one of the most appropriate.


A Comics-Based Makeover

From the “Geeks Are Sexy” web­site: cos­met­ics from MAC Cos­met­ics inspired by the comics char­ac­ter Won­der Woman.

And just what would that have to do with hyp­no­sis? Well, remem­ber­ing Won­der Wom­an’s mag­ic las­so, which had the pow­er to force any­one caught in it to obey her will (or any one else who was hold­ing it, as she was often the one caught in its coils) and I just had to think that just about any prod­uct relat­ed to the char­ac­ter could be hyp­no­sis-relat­ed. And sure enough, one part of the line is: “Obey Me” nail pol­ish. I’m sure the name can be explained by the char­ac­ter­i­za­tion of Won­der Woman as a strong female char­ac­ter with a pow­er­ful charis­ma but the hyp­not­ic (and bondage-relat­ed) his­to­ry of the char­ac­ter is just too strong to deny.

The line is set to be released on Feb­ru­ary 10th

Com­men­tary: Please, can some­one dri­ve a stake through the heart of the 60’s era “Bang! Pow! Wham!” comics imagery and ref­er­ences? They were an embar­rass­ment even back then, a by-prod­uct of the over-the-top camp­ish­ness of the “Bat­man” TV series that became seem­ing­ly irre­triev­ably con­nect­ed with comics as a whole and embed­ded in the media when­ev­er comics are dis­cussed even to this day.


“Hypnotic Poison” by Dior

A puz­zling har­mo­ny born out of the fusion of four con­trast­ing olfac­tive facets:the bit­ing and intox­i­cat­ing note of bit­ter almond and carvi, the more opu­lent and pre­cious note of jas­mine Sam­bac, the bewitch­ing and mys­te­ri­ous note of moss and Jacaran­da tree, and the hyp­not­ic and sen­su­ous note of vanil­la and musk.

“Hyp­not­ic Poi­son” by Chris­t­ian Dior is the name of a fra­grance whose main attrac­tion (like “Hyp­no­tique”) is the not-so-sub­tle sug­ges­tion of hyp­not­ic pow­er and con­trol over men. That is accen­tu­at­ed by the descrip­tion of the blend of fra­grances described above: ‘intox­i­cat­ing’, ‘bewitch­ing’, ‘mys­te­ri­ous’, and ‘hyp­not­ic’, all words designed to fur­ther empha­size the mes­mer­iz­ing appeal.

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“Hypnotique” by Max Factor

For the women born to enchant men. Max Fac­tor’s Hyp­no­tique … the new fra­grance that’s cap­tured the very essence of wom­an’s pow­er over men. Cool­ly and with great ele­gance Hyp­no­tique attracts … holds … per­suades … and then! Any­thing can hap­pen! (Adver­tis­ing copy from the first mag­a­zine ad.)

Descrip­tion: All cos­met­ics, includ­ing fra­grances, are designed in part to attract and focus atten­tion on the wear­er. Some fra­grances are just a lit­tle more bla­tant about it. Fra­grances with names like “Spell­bound”, “Hyp­nose”, “Mes­mer­ize” or “Hyp­not­ic Poi­son”  bla­tant­ly sug­gest the pow­er of com­mand­ing and con­trol­ling men (although Avon’s “Mes­mer­ize”, which was orig­i­nal­ly a wom­an’s fra­grance, is now being more direct­ly mar­ket­ed toward men, strange­ly enough.) Even fra­grances not so named are fre­quent­ly adver­tised using hyp­not­ic ter­mi­nol­o­gy and imagery.

But one of the ear­li­est and cer­tain­ly one of the most bla­tant of the hyp­not­ic cos­met­ics was “Hyp­no­tique” by Max Fac­tor. Released in the late 1950’s, the hyp­not­ic imagery was very notice­able in the mag­a­zine ads:

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