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Hypnotized’ by Shanadoo

Hypnotized’ by European J‑rock band Shanadoo incorporates a number of hypnotic images, especially spirals (sometimes in the eyes of the singers.) It also uses a number of English words, including “hypnotized” in the lyrics.

History: ‘Hypnotized’ was the group’s first original hit, even though its actual performance on the pop charts was less than expected: before this, they covered tracks from the German dance band E‑Rotic. Despite their Japanese origins they are a German and Japanese act, all of which makes the use of the English word “hypnotized” that much more interesting.

Commentary: It would be nice to know what they are singing about, but unfortunately I have not been able to find an English translation for the Japanese lyrics.


  • In this video, each of the singers are wearing the stereotypical Japanese school uniform look of white shirt, tie, skirt, high white socks and black shoes which is considered a fetish costume in Japan.

Love and Passion Under Hypnosis” by Walter Hale

Love and Passion Under Hypnosis

Are Helpless Girls Betrayed by Hypnotists?

Playgirl Presents — A Shocking Special Edition

Stranger Than Bridey Murphy

Baring Fantastic Facts About Sex Under Hypnotic Suggestion

Profusely Illustrated with Uncensorsed Candid Photos

Love and Passion Under Hypnosis

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This Week in Comics — 2011/06/08

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #8

Batman and Aquaman team up on a Quest to recover the fabled Amulet of Arion to break the curse that has bound the ghostly former priate Captain Fear to wander the Earth until he has earned redemption. Aquaman knows where the Amulet is located, but the dangers involved getting there have prevented anyone from doing so in the past. Those (seemingly rather tame) dangers include monster fish, a whirlpool and a trio of enchanting sirens, all of whom are quickly overcome. But Batman and Aquaman were followed by Black Manta, whose sudden attack allows him to seize the Amulet and attempt to direct its power against them. Only by the intervention of Captain Fear are they rescued, at the cost of destroying the Amulet and losing a chance to break his curse. However, his self-sacrifice was the final element of his redemption.

Commentary: Its always good to see references to old DC characters, including Arion (who had his own comic “Arion of Atlantis” drawn by Jan Duursema back in the early 1980’s) and Captain Fear.

Not directly related here but definitely worth mentioning: this fall, DC Comics is planning a major reboot of their entire line this fall. Called DC New Universe, the announced changes go well beyond any of the previous continuity revisions and changes.

One of the comics will be “Justice League Dark” and will involve (center right) John Constantine, (upper left) Deadman, (above, what appears to a malevolent appearing) Enchantress, (below) Madame Xanadu, (upper right) Shade the Changing Man and (center left: note the barely visible fishnet armlets) Zatanna. I have always been a fan of Madame Xanadu ever since her own comic, and, of course, Zatanna, so I am sort of looking forward to this, although I still have my doubts about the whole concept of a complete universe reboot.

Note: Many years ago, I commissioned Phil Foglio to draw a cartoon of Destiny ripping pages out of his Book corresponding to all of the subsequent continuity changes to the DC universe: whole pages entitled “Crises”, “Earth Two”, “Invasion” and “Zero Hour” went flying. Now it looks like he’ll be needing an entirely new Book.

X‑Men: First Class”


In a summer where comics-based movies are coming out almost every couple of weeks, its takes a lot to stand out. But could a movie building on the reputation of a movie series, acting as a prequel to them, compete with the rest of the comics movies?

Yes, I believe it does.

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Emily and the Werewolf” by Herbie Brennan

[amtap book:isbn=9780689505935]

Is Emily’s neighbor Farmer Osboro really a werewolf?

Well, Emily certainly thinks he is, the way his face turns hairy and his teeth turn into fangs and his hands become claws and his eyes get red, but no one else does, and she’s certain that he knows that she knows his secret. So what is a young girl supposed to do to defend herself?

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