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The Truth About Hypnosis, or …”

Hypnosis is a fascinating topic and can be used to alter consciousness for magickal work. It’s powerful and it works. Unfortunately, most people who try it end up failing. This is not because hypnosis is nothing but a scam or a placebo, but because they are focusing on the wrong thing. They’re going the wrong way.

So begins this blog entry on the Llewellyn website by Donald Michael Kraig, a board-certified clinical hypnotherapist and instructor. I’m recommending it because it lays out a number of fundamental truths about the subject that often need repeating.

Far too often, the stereotypes and preconceptions, not to mention the simple lack of knowledge, about the subject interfere with the actual process involved. Not just the outré stereotypes of subjects being forced to cluck like a chicken or believing that they can’t emerge from trance, but also the finer details of what it actually feels like or what can happen (or not happen) in trance. This article by someone who obviously knows what he is talking about is a good introduction to eliminate these stereotypes and preconceptions.

New Year’s Resolution Scorecard — Week 08

Reading: I am finding “Incognito: the Secret Lives of the Brain” difficult to read for any length of time, based on my activity. Its a book that I really ought to spend a couple of hours just reading and cogitating about.

Research: In the category of “better late than never” comes “Doctor Volutpua” an NSFW webcomic about the comedy involved with an endowed psychologist dealing in sexual difficulties. Alas, as soon as word about it hit the major reporting sites, the creator of the series announced that he was putting it on hiatus.

Which is rather a shame considering the humor involved.

Next week is likely to be pretty busy: I recorded five different sessions on Saturday that will have to be edited down and combined with other elements for a series of CDs. That and three other events this week are all leading up to busy week.

Enemy Mind” by Maggie Shayne

SUBJECT:Zach Ingram, brawny brain, aka Professor Ingram

FAMILY HISTORY: The Ingram heir, brother of financial whiz Jake

DEEPEST SECRET: He’d always envied his brother — until now …

Professor Zach Ingram was believed to have classified information about genetically altered humans, and agents from the top secret MEDUSA wanted it enough to kidnap him. But was the iron-willed academic truly the one they sought? Beautiful psychiatrist Dr. Maisy Dalton was unwittingly brought in to hypnotize the ruggedly handsome Zach into talking about the “memories” hidden within him. But the innocent doctor couldn’t control her feelings for the mysterious man who spoke of mistaken identity and something called the Extraordinary Five. In her heart, Maisy knew Zach was telling the truth, and was willing to risk her life and love to help him unravel the secrets of MEDUSA and the potentially dangerous X5 …

[amtap book:isbn=0373613687]

Description: Psychologist and hypnotherapist MJ (Maisey Jane) Dalton receives a call from a frustrated mother, asking her to come and help her son, who had been rescued from a cult. Maisey is an expert in cult deprogramming and memory recovery, and the mother’s plaintive tone convinced her to at least go and take a look.

But when Maisey arrived at the out-of-the-way ranch house, things didn’t seem right. The “home cooked” meal was disguised fast-food. The house had supposedly been in use for several decades, yet some rooms were unused and decrepit, and furniture was far too new to fit the story. Bob, who had said that the patient was his brother, couldn’t describe any details of their shared childhood.

Yet the biggest mystery was the patient. She was told his name was Jake Ingram, but he whispered that his name was really Zach. He was supposed to have been recovering from being drugged by the cult, yet he seemed worse than better. He also seemed genuinely terrified of his supposed family.

At the same time, the real Jake Ingram is busy solving a computer theft at the World Bank. A theft that only someone of his genius could have performed. But when he learns his foster brother had disappeared, he goes in search of him.

Part of a series of romance novels involving what is described as the “Extraordinary Five”, five prodigies created years ago by a secret organization, and now sought by mysterious forces. There is no complete resolution except to the kidnapping and the romance between Maisy and Zach. And, there is no hypnosis involved, although there is one scene where Bob tries some heavy-handed memory recovery techniques involving Sodium Pentathol. However, you wouldn’t know that from the cover, which shows Maisy dangling a shining pendant before the eyes of a slumping Zach.

Never Mess With Layla Delacroix’ — Eerie Cuties

I’ve mentioned “Eerie Cuties” in the past, but this one page is worth repeating the mention.

The backstory of the page is that Chloe the Succubus ‘borrowed’ something from her mother which increased her succubus powers. As a result, she addicted Layla Delacroix, a vampire, to her blood and used her connection with Layla’s boyfriend Dio to have dinner with him as part of some serious succubus foreplay. However, during dinner, she made an absolute pig of herself, finishing with pouring chocolate fondue all over herself.

And the ‘scrub brush’ is actually an obnoxious doll possessed with the spirit of a total pervert, who relishes any situation where ‘he’ can get close to (one of) the objects of his desires. Suffice to say, Layla is quite satisfied in her revenge.

New Year’s Resolution Scorecard — Week 07

Five of seven days spent at work plus a two-hour interview process at a worksite 45 minutes away meant little time for much else this week, alas.

Reading: Much of my routine schedule was disrupted this past week, leaving little time for reading, research and writing. Then my limited reading time was distracted with a short story collection that I discovered in the world of a favorite author of mine, but which may have sparked an idea for a short story in that same world.

Research: I am following the current storyline in the Bleach animé series, following from the manga storyline, which has an interesting take on mind control. The antagonist apparently has the power to edit memories of people and has inserted himself into the lives of all the family and friends of the lead protagonist. I’m still not sure why the lead nor another protagonist have been left alone, except maybe to have fight scenes.There is also a couple of other protagonists who are also excluded from the effect but whose motives and actions are unclear. I’ll write up the details when the storyline is concluded.

I am also following the Star Trek / Legion of Super-Heroes comic series: the lead antagonist’s rampant success at conquest is largely because of the reality and mind control abilities of the “Macguffin” of the storyline. Looking forward to the final issue when the Macguffin gets its revenge.

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