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“Voodoo: Dancing in the Dark”

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When for­mer super­hero Priscil­la Kitaen (code name Voodoo) trav­els to New Orleans to dis­cov­er her future, she becomes involved with a bat­tle between fac­tions of the loa and an attempt to res­ur­rect a dead sorcerer.

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This Week in Comics — 2011/01/12

“Heroes for Hire #2”

Some­one is sell­ing new hard­ware on the street. Heroes for Hire have been hired to dis­cov­er who and what. What they find are demon­i­cal­ly-pos­sessed weapons that bond to their wield­ers. The bul­lets the guns shoot cause super­nat­ur­al wounds but the guns them­selves wound the wield­er to the point of con­sum­ing their souls. It takes some super­nat­ur­al assis­tance for the Heroes (in the form of Satana the suc­cubus and Ghost Rid­er) to end the threat.

But the real inter­est is in who appears in the last pan­el. Some­one thought dead from sui­cid­ing with a base­ment full of explo­sives. Some­one who is one of the old­est mind con­trollers in the Mar­vel uni­verse. Some­one who is pulling the strings of the Heroes for Hire behind every­one’s back.

The Pup­pet Master. 

Which just goes to show that no mat­ter how they die in the comics, vil­lains will always come back if the author or edi­tor wants them to return.

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