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Its … Hoopnotic!

It goes around and around and around, like a hypnotic spiral. Its the hula hoop, the 50+ year old children’s toy that is now the latest craze. And one person now has a hypnotically-iinspired name for her product to catch that market.

I found out about this bit of hypnotic word-play through an article in Forbes online. Its the newest fitness craze, weighted hula hoops, and was the idea of Gabriella Redding, CEO of Hoopnotica. According to her, she lost 55 lbs using a weighted hula hoop and started her own company seven years to market them. Now, with the increased celebrity factor of hula hoops (everyone from Michelle Obama and Beyonce to Ellen Degeneres and Liv Tyler are hula hooping) plus the increased attention to fitness, her business has broken the $1 million sales mark. And she has plans to ride the current popularity wave into the mass markets as well as planning to survive the expected change when the celebrities shift their attention and the hula hoop loses its novelty.

Commentary: You find plays on the word ‘hypnotic’ in the strangest places, from the names of cosmetics and perfumes to imagery in advertisements but this one is one of the strangest yet possibly (because of the description at the start of this post) one of the most appropriate.


A Comics-Based Makeover

From the “Geeks Are Sexy” website: cosmetics from MAC Cosmetics inspired by the comics character Wonder Woman.

And just what would that have to do with hypnosis? Well, remembering Wonder Woman’s magic lasso, which had the power to force anyone caught in it to obey her will (or any one else who was holding it, as she was often the one caught in its coils) and I just had to think that just about any product related to the character could be hypnosis-related. And sure enough, one part of the line is: “Obey Me” nail polish. I’m sure the name can be explained by the characterization of Wonder Woman as a strong female character with a powerful charisma but the hypnotic (and bondage-related) history of the character is just too strong to deny.

The line is set to be released on February 10th

Commentary: Please, can someone drive a stake through the heart of the 60’s era “Bang! Pow! Wham!” comics imagery and references? They were an embarrassment even back then, a by-product of the over-the-top campishness of the “Batman” TV series that became seemingly irretrievably connected with comics as a whole and embedded in the media whenever comics are discussed even to this day.


Hypnotic Poison” by Dior

A puzzling harmony born out of the fusion of four contrasting olfactive facets:the biting and intoxicating note of bitter almond and carvi, the more opulent and precious note of jasmine Sambac, the bewitching and mysterious note of moss and Jacaranda tree, and the hypnotic and sensuous note of vanilla and musk.

Hypnotic Poison” by Christian Dior is the name of a fragrance whose main attraction (like “Hypnotique”) is the not-so-subtle suggestion of hypnotic power and control over men. That is accentuated by the description of the blend of fragrances described above: ‘intoxicating’, ‘bewitching’, ‘mysterious’, and ‘hypnotic’, all words designed to further emphasize the mesmerizing appeal.

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Hypnotique” by Max Factor

For the women born to enchant men. Max Factor’s Hypnotique … the new fragrance that’s captured the very essence of woman’s power over men. Coolly and with great elegance Hypnotique attracts … holds … persuades … and then! Anything can happen! (Advertising copy from the first magazine ad.)

Description: All cosmetics, including fragrances, are designed in part to attract and focus attention on the wearer. Some fragrances are just a little more blatant about it. Fragrances with names like “Spellbound”, “Hypnose”, “Mesmerize” or “Hypnotic Poison”  blatantly suggest the power of commanding and controlling men (although Avon’s “Mesmerize”, which was originally a woman’s fragrance, is now being more directly marketed toward men, strangely enough.) Even fragrances not so named are frequently advertised using hypnotic terminology and imagery.

But one of the earliest and certainly one of the most blatant of the hypnotic cosmetics was “Hypnotique” by Max Factor. Released in the late 1950’s, the hypnotic imagery was very noticeable in the magazine ads:

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