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The Devil’s Night” — David Jacobs

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They only come out at night

Cloth tearing, she spread-eagled her arms and legs, tautening the leathery folds of swelling batwings. The wings were part of arms, growing out of the shoulders, attached to the long thinning skeletal arms and legs with scalloped leathery black bat membranes. 

Batwings beat the air frantically, trying to stop or at least slow the fall. 

Among the Undead, only the most powerful vampires can muster the occult force needed for shapeshifting, to become a giant bat, a wolf, or mist that can drift through solid walls. 

Such a queen vampire was Marya Zaleska. 

Countess Marya Zaleska, Dracula’s Daughter. 

The Universal Monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Wolfman, Dracula’s Daughter. All returning, just as they returned in so many Universal horror movies, this time in fictional form. 

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Vampirella — Part II

The second installment about the mesmeric character Vampirella

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Vampirella — Part I

A true survivor: created in 1969 as merely the host of a Warren Publishing B&W horror magazine, Vampirella evolved past her counterparts Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie into becoming a real character in her own right, one being published to this day.

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Pomegranites Full and Fine” by Don Bassingthwaite

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Set in the Toronto of White Wolf’s original “World of Darkness” game campaign world, this novel is of two women, one struggling to forget her violent past and one trying to escape her violent present. The fact that the first, Tango, is a Faerie Changeling who is pressed into searching for her kidnapped friend ( and fellow Changeling ) Riley while the second, Miranda, is a Sabbat Vampire involved with a Satanic cult leader complicates things.

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Castle of Deception” by Ed Fitch

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Tanithia, sorceress, witch, keeper of the Ancient Ways, is sent to scourge the ancient forces of darkness who have a foothold in a distant castle. But not all is at is seems inside the castle, and dangers await her within and without its walls.

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