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Enchantée!’ — “Eerie Cuties”

One of the more fun web comics I follow is “Eerie Cuties” about a trio of sexy supernatural teenaged girlfriends and their equally supernatural friends. (Ace, below, is actually a werewolf.) All the tropes of typical cartoon teenagers combined with all the tropes of typical cartoon supernatural events. I this case, its dating.

But what do you do when you’re dressing for a date and one of the other ‘cuties’ is making moves on your guy? Especially since apparently this is not the first time (or the second, or the third … ) that this has happened?

ec20130114a Why, you get spellcasting Mother to do something about it.


Apparently this is not the first time this has happened, given the almost casual way she casts her spell, and most likely with the same person.

Dungeons & Dragons” — The Hypnotic Side

When Dave Arneson showed Gary Gygax the new game he and his friends were playing, it probably didn’t occurr to either that they were on the brink of creating not only a new game but an entirely new type of game, resulting in a revolutionary new gaming industry.

Dave Arneson took the traditional miniature game, where miniatures represented groups of individuals and started using them to represent individuals. He also added the elements of character classes and experience levels, allowing for character specialization and growith. This was a revolution, in that players could project themselves into the character, developing them over time and play. Since both he and Gary Gygax were avid minature ship game players, he shjowed Gary his game and together they created Dungeons & Dragons.

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The Doctor (Maybe) in the House (Movie)

Word is that Marvel Comics, fresh off the success of such movies as Iron Man and Thor is now looking at another character for a possible movie. That character is Doctor Stephen Strange, otherwise known as Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts and Sorcerer Surpreme.

Image by Frank Brunner

Doctor Strange is one Marvel’s lesser-known (which puts him in the same class as Iron Man and Thor, come to think of it) and oldest (Strange Tales #110. July, 1963) characters, created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. Doctor Strange was once Doctor Stephen Strange, a successful but arrogant surgeon, until an accident damaged his hands such that he couldn’t practice. His only hope was the mysterious figure known as the Ancient One, but Doctor Strange soon realized his path was away from his surgical practice and instead the practice of the mystic arts. The good Doctor has survived many changes and many trials in his comic career, and given his back story, could make for a good movie.

And that is apparently what is happening. According to the Twtich Film website, here, Marvel already has a script in hand, from screenwriters Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer, who were responsible for the recent Conan reboot movie, and are reportedly in the process of contracting a director and seeking the right actor to play the part. (Of course, there was a Doctor Strange movie, a MFTV production from 1978. We won’t talk about it right now.)

I for one would love to see the good Doctor on the big screen, properly done, of course. I’ve been a fan of the character for many years, and many of the stories (and some of the artwork) is classic material. That he has a number of hypnotic spells in his arsenal, not to mention his amulet, the Eye of Aggamoto, which has the power to hypnotize, only adds to the appeal.

Magic Knight Rayearth”

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In “Magic Knight Rayearth”, three Japanese high school girls are transported to the fantasy realm of Cephiro on a mission to save it and rescue Princess Emeraude from the grasp of the evil High Priest Zagato.

Except its not that easy, nor is it that cut-and-dried. Zagato has a host of followers to attack and divert the three girls on their mission to gain the power they need to complete their task; in addition, there’s another story behind the one before them, one that will result in pain and suffering for all involved.

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Favorite Stories of Hypnotism” by Don Ward, editor

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Background: When I graduated from junior high school to high school, I continued to be a student volunteer in the library. Again, I would be disappointed (but not surprised) that the school library did not have any books on hypnosis. (As opposed to the county library, where even sometimes the mobile library van that would come around the neighborhood every Friday during the summer would have one or two.) However, I was surprised to discover, at the very end of the story collection shelves, a hardcover copy of “Favorite Stories of Hypnotism” (1965) edited by Don Ward. The black cover with its shadowy female face, concentric circles radiating out from her left eye, is just so stereotypical but to my mind back then, so demonstrative of hypnosis that, of course, I had to check it out. I was not disappointed in what I found, and even today, many of the stories are still worthwhile, though dated.

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