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“The Devil’s Night” — David Jacobs

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They only come out at night

Cloth tear­ing, she spread-eagled her arms and legs, taut­ening the leath­ery folds of swelling batwings. The wings were part of arms, grow­ing out of the shoul­ders, attached to the long thin­ning skele­tal arms and legs with scal­loped leath­ery black bat membranes. 

Batwings beat the air fran­ti­cal­ly, try­ing to stop or at least slow the fall. 

Among the Undead, only the most pow­er­ful vam­pires can muster the occult force need­ed for shapeshift­ing, to become a giant bat, a wolf, or mist that can drift through sol­id walls. 

Such a queen vam­pire was Marya Zaleska. 

Count­ess Marya Zales­ka, Drac­u­la’s Daughter. 

The Uni­ver­sal Mon­sters: Drac­u­la, Franken­stein’s Mon­ster, the Wolf­man, Drac­u­la’s Daugh­ter. All return­ing, just as they returned in so many Uni­ver­sal hor­ror movies, this time in fic­tion­al form. 

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Vampirella — Part II

The sec­ond install­ment about the mes­mer­ic char­ac­ter Vampirella

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Vampirella — Part I

A true sur­vivor: cre­at­ed in 1969 as mere­ly the host of a War­ren Pub­lish­ing B&W hor­ror mag­a­zine, Vam­pirella evolved past her coun­ter­parts Uncle Creepy and Cousin Eerie into becom­ing a real char­ac­ter in her own right, one being pub­lished to this day.

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“Pomegranites Full and Fine” by Don Bassingthwaite

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Set in the Toron­to of White Wolf’s orig­i­nal “World of Dark­ness” game cam­paign world, this nov­el is of two women, one strug­gling to for­get her vio­lent past and one try­ing to escape her vio­lent present. The fact that the first, Tan­go, is a Faerie Changeling who is pressed into search­ing for her kid­napped friend ( and fel­low Changeling ) Riley while the sec­ond, Miran­da, is a Sab­bat Vam­pire involved with a Satan­ic cult leader com­pli­cates things.

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“Castle of Deception” by Ed Fitch

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Tanithia, sor­cer­ess, witch, keep­er of the Ancient Ways, is sent to scourge the ancient forces of dark­ness who have a foothold in a dis­tant cas­tle. But not all is at is seems inside the cas­tle, and dan­gers await her with­in and with­out its walls.

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