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‘Beguiler of Wills’ — Magic: the Gathering

Just as it seems every com­e­dy or dra­ma (tele­vi­sion, movies, radio, etc.) even­tu­al­ly adds some form of mind con­trol as a comedic or dra­mat­ic ele­ment, every game sys­tem or sup­ple­ment will also even­tu­al­ly add some kind of hyp­not­ic or mind con­trol mechan­ic or func­tion to the rule systems.

The lat­est expan­sion set from Mag­ic: the Gath­er­ing, Innistrad (or Dark Ascen­sion, both seem inter­change­able on the web­site), is a dark world with vam­pires, were­wolves and dark magicians.

Innistrad is a plane of men­ace and dread where every crea­ture hides a dark­er aspect. Here, hedo­nis­tic vam­pires stalk the shad­ows to quench their thirst, and the full moon can trans­form a sim­ple vil­lager into a sav­age were­wolf. Best to hud­dle inside, Planeswalk­er, lest the hor­rors of this world rend you limb from limb.

Said hor­rors should include the obvi­ous appli­ca­tion of vam­pire mind con­trol, how­ev­er, at least in the card released above, a dif­fer­ent hyp­not­ic par­a­digm is used, that of the beguil­ing enchantress. It appears to be the only such card in this release: Mag­ic: the Gath­er­ing has a host of oth­er cards with hyp­not­ic themes or effects, but this par­tic­u­lar one is espe­cial­ly notable for the sen­su­al imagery includ­ed with the gen­er­al theme.

‘The Puppetmaster’ — “Avatar: the Last Airbender”






Long ago, the four nations lived togeth­er in har­mo­ny. Then every­thing changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, mas­ter of all four ele­ments, could stop them. But when the world need­ed him most, he van­ished. A hun­dred years passed and my broth­er and I dis­cov­ered the new Avatar, an air­ben­der named Aang. And although his air­bend­ing skills are great, he still has a lot to learn before he’s ready to save anyone.

But I believe Aang can save the world.

Back­ground: in “Avatar: the Last Air­ben­der” Aang is a boy with a des­tiny and a his­to­ry: he is the Avatar, the cur­rent incar­na­tion of an eter­nal chain, the one who pos­sess­es the pow­er to wield all four of the ele­ments, fat­ed to restore the bal­ance of nature that was bro­ken by the Fire Lord and the con­quer­ing of the world by the Fire Nation. Except, a cen­tu­ry before, when he was sup­posed to stop the Fire Nation, he dis­ap­peared, and only now has returned. The prob­lem is that he’s still a young boy, not even a teenag­er, and his com­pan­ions are lit­tle old­er than he is. Its a pret­ty heavy bur­den to shoul­der, espe­cial­ly when he’s also hunt­ed by the Fire Nation and hunt­ing those who can help him mas­ter the four elements.

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New Year’s Resolution Scorecard — Week 02

Work, work and more work. That’s about all I have to say about this last week. Very lit­tle research or writ­ing but a lot of thought of what I would write when I had the time. (Work is large­ly mind­less which gives me the time to think things over and plan what to do: unfor­tu­nate­ly I don’t always have the ener­gy after­ward to put those thoughts down as soon as I would like.)

How­ev­er, in com­plete­ly unre­lat­ed mat­ters, I did go to watch “Young Frankstein” here in town last week. It was cer­tain­ly wor­thy of all the Tony Awards it won and very faith­ful to the spir­it of the orig­i­nal movie. The ‘Puttin’ On the Ritz’ dance num­ber is the real show stop­per, in more than just one way. It was also my Christ­mas present to a good friend, of which (and of which all my oth­er local friends) I have seen lit­tle of this sea­son and so it was nec­es­sary for me on a main­te­nance basis.

I was able to locate copies of a cou­ple of ani­mat­ed series of which I will be writ­ing in the future, so that at least is a plus.

New Year’s Resolution Scorecard — Week 01

This is the first of what I will try to make a week­ly series, updates on how I am sat­is­fy­ing my New Year’s Res­o­lu­tions this year. How­ev­er, this is going to be short: I just spent the last half-hour writ­ing this post only to have Word­Press sig­nal some kind of “error” when try­ing to save it and there­by los­ing every­thing I wrote.

Essen­tial­ly, I have been too busy with work (I worked 26 days out of the 31 days of Decem­ber, includ­ing New Year’s Eve, and Jan­u­ary has been just as busy so far) to have any time oth­er than what I call the “sta­tion keep­ing” tasks of pay­ing the bills, buy­ing gro­ceries and gas, prep­ping my car­ry-along meals for my pri­ma­ry job, etc.

About the only I have done is start research­ing the folk­lore regard­ing the vam­pire’s mes­mer­ic gaze, pri­mar­i­ly by start­ing the out­line for my research, and even that’s only in the pre­lim­i­nary stages.

“Private Psycho Lesson” (1997)


In “Pri­vate Psy­cho Les­son”, psy­chol­o­gist Sara Iiji­ma has a sin­gu­lar approach to help­ing her clients over­come sex­u­al hangups using hyp­no­sis and a sin­gu­lar (and quite sen­su­al) style in induc­ing hypnosis.


The ani­me here is def­i­nite­ly adults only: it is high­ly sex­u­al and explic­it in nature and the cor­re­spond­ing descrip­tion below does refer to adult themes and images.

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